Criminalizing Homelessness is Costly, Ineffective, and Infringes on Human Rights 
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From Wrongs to Rights: The Case for Homeless Bills of Rights Legislation 
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U.N. Human Rights Committee Calls U.S. Criminalization of Homelessness "Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading"
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Safe-Parking Program  
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Homeless Problem Bigger Than Our Leaders Think: Column

From Wrongs to Rights: The Case for Homeless Bills of Rights Legislation
Homeless bills of rights, a new and powerful legislative tool for protecting the rights of homeless Americans, are gaining in popularity across the nation, according to our new report. “These laws are rapidly gaining in popularity across the country because civil rights advocates recognize their potential to provide homeless people with protection from common rights violations,” states Tristia Bauman, Housing Program Director at the Law Center. The report, From Wrongs to Rights: The Case for Homeless Bills of Rights Legislation, describes the need for homeless bills of rights and offers insight into the distinct legislative models that have emerged. 


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 Boise Anti-Camping             Case Proceeds

In January, a federal judge allowed the Law Center’s case against the City of Boise’s anti-camping ordinances to proceed. Ruling on the City’s motion for summary judgment, Judge Ronald E. Bush found that while plaintiffs in the case could not seek expungement of their past criminal convictions for violating the ordinances, their case that the ordinances are unconstitutional could go to trial. The homeless Boise plaintiffs want to see a court decision finding the City’s ordinances unconstitutional. Consequently, the Law Center is pleased that the judge allowed our case to move forward and we filed an amended complaint in February. We hope to see the case move forward quickly in 2014.

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Above: Screenshot of the Law Center’s report.